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About Kemetic Soul

Peace and Many Blessings! Welcome to the Kemetic Soul, Official Chondrus Crispus Irishmoss Website

Our Irishmoss Gel is a cell proliferating product, it activates healing modalities, regenerates and rebuilds most cells in the body. The proprietary formulae sold on this website are handmade and meticulously crafted.. very unique and one-of-a-kind. It’s mostly made from the Red Rhodophyta Sea Algae Chondrus Crispus and it contains a full profile of vitamins B1, and B12. This superfood contains a high content of iodine, manganese, zinc, bromine, iron, carbon and aromatic amino acids. Considerable amounts of magnesium sulfate, calcium phosphate and potassium. Irishmoss has OVER 70 ionized trace nutrients and minerals from DEEP OCEAN MINERALS, already ready and bioavailable, in their bio ionic absorbable form.. making it IDEAL for bodybuilders and people in recovery, or those who are fasting trying to lose weight without the hunger cravings. It's a healthy, indigenous and alkaline alternative to over the counter vitamin and mineral supplements, this algae dates back on the Earth millions of years, and the DNA inside of it's mitochondria has the potential to repair and upgrade yours, it is a rich source of vegetable protein and peptides, plant analogs of hair, skin, nails and teeth, as well as pigments! which provide a full spectrum of antioxidants like beta-carotene, chlorophyll, alkaloids, enzymes, aromatic amino acids, including fiber.
Dominant in Kappa Carrageenan, with sheets of Galactose and minimal sulfites.. actively feeding our gut microbiome, with the sulfites activate the NRf2 process of our Immune System, galactose unlike glucose is the unique sugar we get from our Mothers breast milk.. it makes and builds our Cerebroside, Gangliosides, Muco Proteins and Globins in our red blood cells that work with heme groups for iron and oxygen transportation..

These Irishmoss products are also excellent beverage/food products for weight-loss. As an emulsifier, it liquefies fat and mucus, making it easier to eliminate body fat. This superfood is rich in iodine of course and iron phosphate, and natural sea-cell-salts, which means it's beneficial for iron-deficiency, anemia, strengthening of the glands, nerves and balancing high or slow metabolism. Most of these constituents are anabolic meaning "Body Building, Tissue Building, Membrane Building" It adjusts water levels, eliminates water retention in-and-around the organs and if mixed with hempseeds/chia seeds, cayenne, ginger and keylime it is good for the prostate, bladder and all urinary tract ailments, as well as fortifying the body's reproductive abilities Male or Female, because it is a great source of B-Complex.

#KemeticSoul Irishmoss gel is also highly beneficial for healing the skin of eruptions, burns, scabs, wounds, eczema and premature aging. It can be used as a facial to restore elasticity and firmness to create new skin. This product is fortified through a five-step methodology which yields a very pure, high quality high concentration gel that is dense and nutrients because of our precisely controlled extrapolations!

We do NOT offer Seamoss from St. Lucia 🚫  AGAR or Polygeenan Seamoss..

Our Clinically Confirmed Benefits of Dr. Sebi Approved Chondrus Crispus Sea Moss:

Helps regulate thyroid
Relieves adrenal fatigue
Suppresses appetite
Relieves muscle soreness
Boosts immune system
Kills viruses
Nourishes skin and hair
Helps reverses ED in men
Reduces Inflammation throughout the body
Removes Excessive mucus
Rich in iron
Boosts mental health and energy
Repairs DNA
Relieves acid reflux and much more..

The best way to consume Irish moss gel is to add it into hot water, you can always add to smoothies, soups or drinks.. It can even be used to enhance cooking recipes or in soaps, and hair care/face care products.

Due to technicality of required supplies needed to create and high quality standards throughout the year please allow 7-14 days for processing and orders to be completed and shipped out, however typically and usually orders are completed and shipped in 1-3 days.

Due to Covid-19 there are No Returns or Refunds, all orders shipped with USPS come with Insurance for any unforeseen problems but some cases do qualify for free 1 time replacements

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