Shipping Policy

Kemetic Soul

Shipping Policy


Due to the organic nature of wildcrafted moss, "WE ONLY SHIP IRISHMOSS GEL ON MONDAY-WEDNESDAY". Orders are not processed until after payment has been received. Order processing and fulfillment can take 2-5 business days, some orders may be delayed due to high volume of business or restocking.

-So this means if you place your order on Thursday, you will have to wait at least 3 days before your order is shipped.



Due to the limitations of our current capabilities, "WE ONLY SHIP IRISHMOSS GEL MONDAYS-WEDNESDAYS". Shipping will take 2-3 business days for all orders to be delivered, once your order has been processed and given to the designated courier, you will receive tracking information via email. Recieving tracking does not always mean the order has shipped.

- Products that are already in stock and on hand are processed and shipped out as soon as the order is recieved any day of the week, except Sunday and Saturday!


Orders that are set for pickup are in West Palm Beach ONLY, these orders are prioritized and will be automatically communicated when they are complete and ready for pickup via phone call any day of the week, these will not be processed or made until payment is recieved.

-So it's like ordering a pizza, except it may take a day or two.. or it could be within the hour, it depends on how many pizzas..