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Structured C60 Detox Tea

Structured C60 Detox Tea

This product must be kept cold and consumed within 7-11 days of opening.

This is a product of months worths of research.. I've had quite a few clients request this, so I made a formula worthy of the name "Detox Tea" many people, majority women, looking for a quick and easy way to 'Detox' ..loosing weight is not exactly easy, especially if your diet is consistently contradictory with what you're trying to achieve.. and Detoxing, completely.. in general is not quick, it's a process.. A complete intracellular Rejuvenation and Detox could take up to 2 years and requires Consistency..

But with that being said, for all the purposes and intentions most people buy detox teas or are looking for a Holistic Detox this would be the best Answer.. this is not a laxative, this in not a cleanse.. this is a Detox focusing on a systematic approach to TOXIN removal that leaves you feeling refreshed, restores and revitalized on a deep cellular level.

Numerous waste products will leave the body.. urea, uric acid, carbonic acid, creatinine, excess sebum, dead skin cells, carnitine, trimethylamine and trimethylamine oxide.

This Detox runs 4 days, drink 32floz first thing each morning. Shake very well. No meat or dairy, only salad and fruit

Detox can possibly interfere with statins or cardiovascular or vasodilator medications*