Kemetic Soul

Dr. Sebi Approved Iron Bitters Structured Tonic

Each large jar is a 30-day supply, please reach out via contact form for any medical concerns or questions before purchasing

Probably one of the best things you could ever put into your system, this structured tonic has extracts from over 33 different alkaline herbs to offer the proper Iron family of cofactors, phytochemicals and alkaloids extrapolated and infused into a lattice structure of galactain monomers and sulfated polymer units to increase the bioavailability by 400%.. This is a tonic like no other, it is one of a kind, one shot alone first thing in the morning is likely to give anybody energy for most if not the entire day ⚡️the feeling is simply amazing, it is electrical, it is rejuvenation, from fatigue, from oxidation, from being drained of your electrical nature 🔋 drained from Life.. this is the precipice of everything Doctor Sebi talked about when it came to alkalinity, herbs and bioavailability.. A special delivery, straight to your cells‼️ that will last for a long time.. BIOAVAILABLE AND NATURAL IRON!

Three shots first thing every morning, or 1 shot before breakfast 1 shot before lunch and 1 shot before dinner (recommend shot glass comes with the tonic)